Since the new millennium the fulcrum of my work has been to create new meaning(s) from literary conventions that are manipulated in order to re-present and expand the interactions between the public and art to a level of dispatch that is sustained in the language we use to order, define and make sense of our lives. In 2008 I downloaded floor plans from Real Estate Sites offering high-end residencies in the USA. They were then cut up and retro-fitted inside the floor area of “Dirty Words” that were modified to a minimalist shell and built from wood in order to bring out their abstract potential thereby removing the emotional quotient and giving shape to the space that words occupy in our subconscious. I called this series, “Dirty Words”. It was apparent that these objects were molds for casts and architectural models for larger spaces to be occupied by a human presence and even large enough to accommodate other transient forms where the public may inhabit as an inter-active casting agent moving through the space and exploring the architecture of language while becoming an extension of its content.